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Learn More About Manteca, CA

Manteca is a San Joaquin County city that’s nicknamed “the family city.” City residents agreed on the name Monteca; however, the railroad around which the town was built misprinted the name as Manteca which means “lard” in Spanish and the name stuck.

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Manteca is host to a number of lawyers who are familiar with San Joaquin County courts and procedures. Lawyers in Manteca take a wide range of cases; some typical cases that Manteca lawyers take include: estate administration, bankruptcy, child support, civil lawsuits, as well as drafting wills and trusts.

A Manteca man has been sentenced in San Joaquin County Superior Court recently for violently shaking his child. Michael Zamarripa is serving a twelve year sentence on a plea bargain. Zamarripa plead no contest to child abuse and causing great bodily injury to a child under five. As a part of Zamarripa’s plea bargain, he will not be tried for the recent death of his son which was a direct result of the serious brain damage caused by Zamarripa. Michael Zamarripa Jr. died just before his second birthday in Manteca state hospice.

If you have pending criminal charges in Manteca, you’re likely to be summoned by the Criminal Division of the San Joaquin County Superior Court in Manteca. If you are filing for divorce or have other domestic issues, you’ll be filing with the Family Division. Lawsuits are largely handled by the superior court’s Civil Division. It is important that you file with the correct jurisdictional division or your case may have to be re-filed.

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