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Learn More About Palm Springs, CA

Sitting on the western edge of the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, CA is a desert city of approximately 42,300 residents. An international tourist destination, Palm Springs is noted for its mid-century modern architecture by architects such as Albert Frey, William Cody, and Donald Wexler. Notable residents of Palm Springs have included Frank Sinatra, musician Barry Manilow, and actress Suzanne Somers. Attractions in Palm Springs include the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and the Palm Springs Art Center.
Numerous Palm Springs lawyers have chosen to make this city their home. Palm Springs lawyers deal with legal issues ranging from business, real estate, personal injury, and family law to criminal law and medical malpractice. No matter your issue, Palm Springs lawyers have the experience to handle it.
Attorneys in Palm Springs recently settled a lawsuit filed against the city. The owner of the El Dorado Mobile Home Park alleged the city delayed and prevented action on an approved conversion plan. The city had granted the owner permission to convert the 377-unit mobile home park to purchased property, with the stipulation that 120 of the 377 units had to be sold before rent controls were lifted and that the owner provide financial assistance to current tenants to purchase the lots, as many were senior citizens on fixed incomes. The owner argued that the conditions imposed by the city were excessive and exceeded its powers; the court of appeals agreed. The city paid approximately $1 million to settle the claim, but did not admit to wrongdoing.
Palm Springs lawyers argue cases in a number of California courts. The California court system is composed of 58 superior (trial) courts, Courts of Appeal, and a Supreme Court. Palm Springs lawyers may file your case in the Riverside County Superior Court, the 4th District Court of Appeal, or the Supreme Court of California. If you have a case in Palm Springs, you may want to consult a local Palm Springs attorney to help you navigate this system. can help you select the right Palm Springs attorney today. Our confidential service provides tips on selecting a lawyer and general legal information on a variety of topics. Our free service also allows you to present you case to a pre-screened group of qualified, experienced Palm Springs lawyers who will review the facts and respond within 24 hours.
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