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Learn More About Tustin, CA

Tustin is an Orange County city that boasts attractions like the Enderle Center, Tustin Marketplace, Jamestown Village Center, and the Four Crows Native American, Metaphysical and Spiritual Community. Tustin is also noted as being the home of the ritzy Tustin Ranch community.
Tustin also plays host to a number of talented lawyers who are familiar with Orange County court procedures. Lawyers in Tustin are qualified to help you solve any legal issue; some example cases that Tustin lawyers take include: auto injury, wrongful termination, divorce, chapter 7 bankruptcy, as well as will and trust cases.
Lupe Egusquiza of Tustin is one of many Toyota Prius owners who allege to have experienced the car’s acceleration malfunction. Egusquiza was waiting outside a Tustin school for her daughter when her Prius accelerated up over the curb crashing into a brick wall which caused $14,000 in damage to her car alone. Egusquiza filed a lawsuit against Toyota seeking compensation for her losses.
If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Tustin, you’ll likely be visiting the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana and file with the Family Law Division which retains exclusive jurisdiction over domestic matters. Civil lawsuits should be filed with the superior court’s Civil Division and criminal charges are handled by the Criminal Division. California’s court system requires you to file with the correct jurisdictional court.
LegalMatch pairs you with the best Tustin lawyers available. By entering a brief synopsis of your legal issue, Tustin lawyers are able to review your case and quote prices. You will be able to check reviews from past clients and even availability schedules. Your name is never released before you select a lawyer and pairing services are free! All LegalMatch lawyers are guaranteed to be New Jersey State Bar certified. Check out the tips section for some helpful guidelines for selecting a lawyer.
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