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Learn More About Hawthorne, CA

Hawthorne plays host to 85,000 Los Angeles County locals who enjoy the moderate climate. Hawthorne is most notably the childhood home of the Beach Boys and actress Marilyn Monroe. The headquarters for Matel also calls Hawthorne home.

Hawthorne is a standout community that is home to very knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with the intricacies of practicing in Los Angeles County. Lawyers in Hawthorne advise clients on a diverse variety of cases but regularly take immigration visa, chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, DUI, and family cases like divorce and child custody matters.

Recently near Hawthorne, Sammie Lee Smith filed another lawsuit against British band Coldplay for allegedly ripping off songs “Yellow,” “Clocks,” and “Trouble.” Coldplay settled with Smith out of court in 2008 when he alleged they’d stolen the music for the song “Viva La Vida” from his 2004 single “If I Could Fly.”

If you have a case in Hawthorne then you will be heading to the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The California Superior Court system has many different divisions with which to file and demands you do so correctly. Superior courts are responsible for hearing family cases like divorce, civil cases like personal injury lawsuits, all kinds of criminal cases, juvenile, probate, and even traffic cases. Immigration issues are under the authority of the U.S. Immigration Courts and cannot be filed anywhere else.

LegalMatch will pair you with pre-screened bar certified Hawthorne lawyers for free. LegalMatch lawyers are subjected to a rigorous screening process and are guaranteed to be bar certified. If you’re looking to do some research on your case then you should check out the Law Library or post your question in the Legal Forums.

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