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Learn More About Sacramento Valley, CA

The Sacramento Valley is best known for nut, citrus, and bovine production although many cities in the region haves strong historical ties to the California Railroad and Gold Rush. A number of city, community, and California State colleges offer top-notch education in the area; the California State University Sacramento is a premier Speech Pathology institution.

The Sacramento Valley also plays host to a number of top notch law schools and lawyers who are familiar with California court procedures. Lawyers in the Sacramento Valley advise on a variety of cases including bankruptcy, wrongful termination, personal injury, divorce, and DUI cases.

There are a number of California Superior Courts and divisions with which to file in the Sacramento Valley. In California, each county has a division of the superior court. Sacramento Valley’s California Superior Courts include: Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Placer, Sacramento, Shasta, Sutter, Tehama, Yolo, and Yuba County Superior Court. It’s most likely that you will file with your county’s local Superior Court.

In addition to filing with the correct court, it is also imperative to file with the correct division within that court. California Superior Court Divisions include: the Family Division which handles divorce and child support issues, the Civil Division which is responsible for hearing lawsuits, the Criminal Division summons people on criminal charges like DUI and felonies, and the Small Claims Division which handles cases that do not exceed $5,000.

When filing a motion in the Sacramento Valley, it’s best to consult a lawyer who is familiar with your legal problem and local courts to ensure your case is handled correctly. If your case is filed incorrectly, you may lose valuable time in addition to filing fees. Pre-screened California Bar Association certified lawyers can be found at LegalMatch.

LegalMatch pairs you with the best Sacramento Valley lawyers available in your area. By entering a brief synopsis of your legal issue, Sacramento Valley lawyers are able to review your case and quote prices. You will be able to check reviews from past clients and even availability schedules. Your name is never released before you select a lawyer and pairing services are free! All LegalMatch services are backed by a customer satisfaction guaranteed. Check out the tips section for some helpful guidelines before selecting a lawyer.

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