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Learn More About Laguna Hills, CA

Originally developed as part of a major land grant during the Rancho Era of the 1800s, Laguna Hills, CA officially became a city in 1991. Modern day Laguna Hills boasts 33,000 residents residing in South Orange County. Local attractions include Fossil Reef Park, containing the white limestone remains of an 18 million year-old tropical shell reef, Costeau Park and Pit, containing several thousand fossil cranial and skeletal elements of terrestrial "Ice Age" animals, and the Juan Avila Adobe.

A great number of highly qualified Laguna Hills lawyers call this area home. Laguna Hills lawyers are skilled in handling legal matters ranging from business, real estate, intellectual property, criminal, and medical malpractice, as well as others you may be facing.

Lawyers in Laguna Hills were recently involved in both sides of a lawsuit against a local nursing home. The plaintiffs alleged that the nursing home had been negligent, resulting in the death of an 83 year-old woman after she fell and bled unsupervised for 40 minutes. The lawsuit is ongoing.

The California court system is structured as 58 superior (trial) courts, Courts of Appeal, and a Supreme Court. Orange County lawyers may file your case in the Superior Court of Orange County, the 4th District Court of Appeal, or the Supreme Court of California. If you have a case in Laguna Hills, a local attorney can help guide you through this court system.

LegalMatch can connect you with a local Laguna Hills attorney familiar with your type of legal issue. LegalMatch provides advice and information on selecting an attorney and general legal topics. Overcoming the limitations of traditional resources, LegalMatch’s referral system puts pre-screened, qualified attorneys with a proven track record at your fingertips to allow you to make an informed decision in selecting your advocate. There is no charge, and the service is always confidential.

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