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Learn More About Sonoma, CA

Sonoma is nestled in California’s Wine County, particularly in Sonoma County’s Sonoma Valley. It is undeniably known for its wine industry as well as the Sonoma International Film Festival. According to the 2010 census, Sonoma City had a population of about 10,648.

In 1848, Alta California used to be a militarily-occupied enemy territory under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ratified by the United States and Mexico. Sonoma had a barracks then called Sonoma Barracks and it served as home to the California Battalion. Later, Camp Sonoma was established by a group of New York Volunteers and it became a headquarters for the US Army’s Pacific Division. The barracks was used as a supply depot by the Army until 1853.

Named as the county seat of Sonoma County, the city of Sonoma experienced a business recession in 1851 which then became the main reason for moving the county seat title to Santa Rosa. Another interesting historical piece in the city is its plaza and city hall. The hall is surrounded by several historically significant buildings, such as Mission San Francisco Solano, Casa Grande, Presidio of Sonoma, Toscano Hotel, Sebastiani Theatre, and Blue Wing Inn. The plaza is considered a National Historic Landmark and serves as the town’s main tourist attraction. It hosts different festivals and community events all year round and has a wide range of restaurants, from Mexican to Italian.

When it comes to its government, the city’s official site has a citizen-friendly page dedicated to providing a one-stop source of relevant information for the Sonoma community. Businesses and residents can go to the site if they want to get information on Sonoma’s public works, recreation and community services, city news, and calendar of events. It also provides contact information of the City Attorney, whose firm mainly represents the city’s transactional and litigation matters. He also serves as an adviser regarding the real estate, business matters, and development agreements in the City of Sonoma.

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