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Learn More About Glendora, CA

Glendora is an affluent city in Los Angeles County that boasts an exceptionally low crime rate. Glendora plays host to 50,000 residents who enjoy access to one of California’s top ranked public school systems as well as private institutions like St. Lucy’s Priory High School.

Aside from the musicians, millionaire businessmen, actresses, and singers, Glendora is home to some of the lawyers in Los Angeles County. Lawyers in Glendora take many different kinds of cases like bankruptcy, child custody, defective products, malpractice, real estate, and criminal cases like DUI and felony cases.

Recently in Glendora, Julieta Pimentel was charged by the Glendale Police for allegedly stealing $155,000 worth of designer baggage and clothing from a FedEx truck on Occidental Boulevard. Police were tipped off and obtained a search warrant to Pimentel’s apartment where she had over 300 of the items reported stolen from the truck. She has been charged with receiving stolen property and is being held on $20,000 bail.

If you have pending criminal charges in Glendora then you will probably be summonsed by the Criminal Division of the Los Angeles County Superior Court. California Superior Courts are responsible for hearing nearly every kind of case that arises in the county. However, immigration issues like visa and residency applications must be handled by the U.S. Immigration Court.

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