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Learn More About Simi Valley, CA

Located in Southern California, Simi Valley is a wonderful place to live and play, and is home to some great national and Californian landmarks. Recently, the city of Simi Valley has been best known as the home of the Ronald Regan Presidential Library. However, it would be an oversight to say that this library is Simi Valley’s only landmark. Indeed, Simi Valley is also home to Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village, a folk art piece that is also known as “bottle village,” as well as the Simi Adobe-Strathearn House.

If you are facing legal charges in Simi Valley, there are a number of qualified Simi Hills lawyers who are available to represent you. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, automobile accidents, insurance, divorce, child custody, tax, DUI, assault, civil rights, and many more.

In 2008, Jose Guillermo Garcia, a Simi Valley man, sued Century 21 Hilltop in Simi Valley, alleging that various individuals at the real estate company and the company itself swindled him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The relationship began when Garcia, a contractor, did various jobs or the Simi Valley real estate company and built a reputation which was further strengthed when agents at the company helped Garcia find and buy his current home. Later, people at Century 21 Hilltop asked the Simi Valley man to “invest” $10,000 in a real estate venture, from which he would receive $1,000 interest in a month. Garcia agreed, and this venture worked out well. However, after letting his investment ride and investing further into various other properties, he wanted to get out. He asked for his money back, but found that the prices of the homes he had invested in had plunged, and worse yet, his name was not listed on any of the deeds. Garcia is suing the Simi Valley company for fraud and for reneging on its promise to pay him back.

Simi Valley is served primarily by the Superior Court of California for Ventura County. This court has the jurisdiction over most cases that arise in Simi Valley. Like most courts within the California court system, this court has various local rules that every litigant must abide by. A local Simi Valley attorney can guide you through these local rules.

If you are ready to talk to a Simi Valley lawyer about your case, you should visit We are a unique online legal matching service, and we take pride in making sure you get the right attorney for your case. Our service offers you access to invaluable information such as attorney profiles and past client reviews.

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