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Learn More About Lemon Grove, CA

The City of Lemon Grove in San Diego County is home to a population of 24,918 based on the 2010 Census, and is located a few miles east of San Diego City. The city proudly boasts its motto, “Best Climate on Earth” as it had just the right conditions to cultivate a myriad of subtropical fruits and vegetables, enough to even attract farmers from the East and Midwest.

Lemon Grove made the news in 2019 when a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the city after a 13-year-old boy was killed in a vehicular accident in May of the same year. The parents who filed the suit claimed that the accident happened due to the city’s failure of installing proper crosswalks and speed bumps despite being warned of the lack of safety in the area.

For those who’ve had a loved one injured or tragically killed due to similar circumstances, or for those facing any situation that requires legal action, it’s best to know your legal options and resources in Lemon Grove. If you wish to do legal research with regards to your situation, you can check for available legal resources at the Lemon Grove Public Library, or visit the San Diego County Public Law Library, the California Western School of Law Library, or the CA Court of Appeal Law Library. All of which are located in San Diego.

If you require legal assistance but can’t afford to hire a lawyer, you can try getting legal assistance from non-profit organizations, firms, and agencies that provide pro bono and free legal services to residents of Lemon Grove. There are a couple of these organizations located in San Diego that also cater to those coming from Lemon Grove such as the Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Casa Cornelia Law Center, San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, the California Innocence Project, and the University of San Diego School of Law Legal Clinic. All of which cover different types of cases.

These organizations often require you to undergo a strict screening process, and you’ll also need to wait for an available volunteer lawyer to help you with your case. If you’re unable to qualify for these organization’s services, or if you’re in urgent need of legal aid, it’s best to consider hiring a private lawyer to assist you promptly.

To improve your chances of a favorable outcome, it’s important for you to get a lawyer that specializes in your specific legal concern. Through LegalMatch, you’ll be able to quickly find a qualified and experienced lawyer in a few easy steps. You can also peruse LegalMatch’s Law Library with over 10,000 legal articles that will guide you in the right direction towards resolving your case.

(may not be the same place you live)

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