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Learn More About Rubidoux

Rubidoux has a population of about 38,000 and is located in Riverside County in the state of California. Rubidoux is the largest unincorporated community in what is also commonly known as the Inland Empire Metropolitan Area. The city was named after Louis Robidoux, who settled there in 1843. Major cities nearby include Los Angeles and Riverside.

When Louis Robidoux first settled in the area, Rubidoux was primarily rural. Today the city has a fast growing population and serves mostly as commuter town for employees of the greater Riverside metropolitan area. Mt. Rubidoux is a popular attraction which provides a scenic background for the city’s sprawling residential neighborhoods. Rubidoux is also home to Flabob Airport, which is the seventh oldest airport in California.

In the News: Rubidoux residents filed a class action suit in June 2008 against TXI Riverside Cement Company, which is based in the city. The complaint alleged that TXI facilities were releasing high amounts of a cancer-causing airborne chemical into the area. Residents accused the company of negligence, wrongful death, and other violations. The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) confirmed that the company was the source of the chemical pollutant known as hexavalent chromium, which was being released in up to twenty times the amount allowed by state regulation. The company agreed to pay the AQMD $600,000 in penalties, and has further allotted $400,000 for site improvements. More negotiations and legal proceedings are ongoing.

Cases arising in the city of Rubidoux are heard at the Riverside County Superior Court. The superior court has jurisdiction over all types of civil and criminal cases as well as traffic violations and juvenile matters. The superior court also has an Appeals Division that hears appeals and more serious matters involving claims over $25,000.

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