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Learn More About Merced County, CA

Named after the Merced River, Merced County is located just to the south-east of San Jose and north of Fresno, California. Merced County is considered to be a bellwether county in politics, with the last two victorious presidential candidates winning the county’s popular vote. The county seat is Merced; other important cities in the area include Atwater and Los Banos.
If you need legal advice in Merced County, there are many talented Merced County lawyers ready to assist you. These attorneys can provide you with insights into many areas of law including personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, bankruptcy, tax, divorce, alimony, child custody, domestic abuse, automobile accidents, contracts, business, and more.
In the News: A lawsuit was recently filed against the county on behalf of the employees of multiple correctional facilities in Merced County. The lawsuit claims that Merced County allowed its employees at these facilities to drink and prepare food with water known to carry high levels of arsenic. The lawsuit is seeking $400 million in damages, which would be split evenly among all of the plaintiffs who opt into the lawsuit. Merced County has denied any wrongdoing and claims both that the arsenic levels in the water are not dangerously high. The County also claims that it is on track to create a new water filtration systemto be put in place soon.

If you need to file a lawsuit in Merced County, you will likely have to do so at the Superior Court of California, County of Merced. This is a trial court of general jurisdiction and has the power to hear all types of criminal cases as well as civil cases, both of limited and unlimited jurisdiction. A local attorney can help you prepare your case for trial in this court.

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Contact a Merced County Lawyer Today is provides you with a great online tool that you can use to quickly find a great lawyer in Merced County. Instead of flipping through phone books and cold calling multiple attorneys, why not let the legal professionals come to you. After posting your case, for free, through our system, pre-screen lawyers who are interested in taking your case will respond to you. Then, you can read attorney profiles and past client reviews before making your decision.

(may not be the same place you live)

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