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Learn More About Vacaville, CA

Vacaville, CA is located midway between San Francisco and Sacramento and is spread over 27 square miles. The city, named for Juan Manuel Vaca, was founded in 1852. With its location in northern Solano County, Vacaville enjoys warm summers (average high of 94 degrees) and mild winters (average low of 36 degrees.)
While Vacaville bills itself as a “small town at heart”; its population of 96,400 can participate in a wide variety of community-oriented recreation activities. These include Fiesta Days celebrations, organized sports leagues (soccer, baseball, softball, and ice hockey), a community pool with water slides and diving well, and a skateboard park. Residents and visitors can also take advantage of the Vacaville Performing Arts Center and the hiking trails of Lagoon Valley Park.
Many Vacaville lawyers are active in this pastoral community, dealing with matters involving business disputes, criminal charges, family law, medical malpractice claims, and personal injury matters. Vacaville lawyers also have experience dealing with any other legal matter you may face.
Lawyers in Vacaville recently argued on both sides of a lawsuit against a local woman. The city sought to prosecute the 22-year old Vacaville woman after she abandoned her 9-day old baby on an outdoor running track at the Vaca-Pena Middle School. The woman claimed that she had heard voices saying the baby was a demon from the time of her pregnancy. She was arrested on charges of child abandonment and endangerment to which she pleased no contest. The woman was ruled insane by the court following psychiatric examination.
California’s court system is structured as 58 superior (trial) courts, courts of appeal, and a state supreme court. Vacaville lawyers typically argue their case in the Solano County Superior Court, the 1st District Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of California. If you have a case in Vacaville, a local attorney can help you to understand the special rules and procedures for each court.
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