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Learn More About Buena Park, CA

Although the original naming of Buena Park remains a mystery, the town’s origins are well known. Originally a land grant from the King of Spain, what is now Buena Park became part of California in 1850. Today, Buena Park is a suburb of Orange County.

Buena Park lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal law, personal injury defense, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, and many others.

Buena Park made national news when a local Buena Park pastor filed a lawsuit in court alleging that Barack Obama was not a United States Citizen. Claiming that his original birth certificate was a hoax, the pastor hoped to prevent Obama from becoming President. The suit was eventually tossed out of court.

Attorneys in Buena Park should be familiar with the Orange County Superior Court system. In California, the Superior Court is the State’s trial court. Different counties have various rules for their courts, however. Local Buena Park attorneys will know local rules, court staff, judges, and other Buena Park attorneys.

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