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Learn More About Encinitas, CA

Encinitas, CA is nestled away within San Diego County and is often called the Flower City Capital. The city is known so much for its flowers that its largest industry relies upon growing ornamental flowers, especially poinsettias. In 1986 Encinitas was incorporated and brought together five communities which mixed the old historic buildings of Encinitas with the new. The beautiful city holds a shopping district that is over 100 years old and the San Lagoon Reserve which is the largest coastal wetland in San Diego County. The unbeatable weather makes this a prime spot for surfing competitions which are held year round.

An Encinitas lawyer can help you in a variety of cases including family law, child custody matters, military law, and intellectual property law.

Recently, Encinitas attorneys filed a case in San Diego County against Scripps Health Insurance, Inc. on behalf of Tri-City Medical Center. Tri-City claims that Scripps patients are unnecessarily being denied access to Tri-City Medical Center by being asked to travel to Scripps Encinitas Emergency Room. This has allegedly even caused the death of one patient who entered code blue status when he was told by Scripps personnel that he would have to travel to the Scripps Emergency Room after he had already arrived at the Tri-City Medical Center. Tri-City claims this is all being done so that Scripps can profit and is denying patients access to their tax dollars. If Tri-City Medical Center is successful in its suit then Scripps will have to allow patients to receive medical care at Tri-City in emergency situations.

Encinitas lawyers are familiar with the San Diego County Superior Court which is divided into various centers to service the community based on their location. The San Diego County Superior Court Northern County Regional Center is the courthouse that serves the residents of Encinitas. The center is a full service branch of the Superior Court and can currently hear criminal, civil, family law, and small claims cases.

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