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Learn More About Lincoln, CA

Lincoln is a city in California’s Central Valley that was the fastest growing city in the United States from 2000 to 2006 according to Lincoln is in Placer County and is most notably the location of Gladding, McBean & Co. that processes a localized concentration of clay deposits to form clay pipes. Lincoln also hosts the annual Feats of Clay festival and a number of nationally known golf courses.

Since Lincoln is so close to the California State Capital, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that there are a number of talented local lawyers. Lawyers in Lincoln are familiar with local courts and regularly advise on a wide range of cases including: bankruptcy, child custody, the drafting of wills and trusts, restraining orders, green card immigration, and criminal cases like DUI and assault charges.

Recently in Lincoln, two Thunder Valley employees were injured when they were struck by two falling ceiling tiles and sustained injuries. An investigation into the issue concluded that the tiles had been improperly installed. The parties have yet to file any lawsuit against Thunder Valley.

If you have an injury lawsuit or another motion to file then you will be heading to the Placer County Superior Court in Auburn or Roseville. California Superior Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over civil, criminal, family, probate, contract, and administrative agency appeals cases. Immigration issues like visa and citizenship issues must be filed with the U.S. Immigration Court in San Francisco.

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