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    When you need to find a lawyer, our no‐cost system provides you with access to pre‐screened lawyers through a quick and painless process. Immediately after you present your case, email notifications are sent to lawyers that match the geographic location and legal practice area you specify. Within 24 hours, your case is reviewed, evaluated, and when a lawyer is interested in taking your case, you'll receive a full attorney profile and their background information.

    We'll also provide you with a full breakdown of their fee structure as well as user ratings by other LegalMatch clients to help you decide if they're the right lawyer for you.

    Within a few hours after you submit your case, you may receive responses from local attorneys by phone or email. We recommend waiting a day or two to allow the majority of attorneys to review your case thoroughly. Then, it's up to you to select the right lawyer near you based on the responses you receive and the legal qualifications you're looking for.

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    Submit your case at any time to find a lawyer or attorney near you and you will never be charged to use the LegalMatch service. No credit card is required! For more information on lawyer referral services and online client-attorney matching, read our detailed article entitled:

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