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Learn More About Millbrae, CA

Proud of its rich history, the city of Millbrae, CA today enjoys the status of a major transport and hotel hub near San Francisco and its international airport. On the city’s southwest border lies San Andreas Lake, which sits right on top of the San Andreas Fault.

Like many smaller communities in California, it has had its heyday as a haven for unlicensed or unregulated activities. Millbrae, specifically, was home to illegal gambling dens. This started some years before it was incorporated and continued some years more after incorporation. Even so, its traditional and current economy is mostly based on dairy farming, floriculture and porcelain manufacturing.

As mentioned, the city is rich in history, which dates back to the Spanish Colonial, Mexican and early California pioneer past. This history is kept vibrant and alive through the activities of the historical society and the places of interest that it helps preserve. Ironically, it was the destruction of the city’s historical Sixteen Mile House which helped create the society.

Millbrae has a well-deserved reputation for having the best schools in the Peninsula area of San Francisco Bay. This is in spite the fact that the school system has endured constant budget cuts from the state, which provides funding.

Being near San Francisco, the city has a cosmopolitan flavor, which is represented by the largest intermodal transport station in the western United States. Here major transport systems like San Francisco’s BART have major facilities. Nearby San Francisco International Airport adds more to this flavor.

In terms of legal resources, proximity to San Francisco definitely helps many people here. Some years back, the city won a racial discrimination lawsuit filed against it and prominent police officials by an Asian police officer in 2009.

For those who need free legal services in Millbrae, legal organizations abound. One is the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights serving the San Francisco Bay area. Another is the California State Bar. The focus for these services are indigent or low-income families.

Other forms of legal help include the library system and city government records, which are open to citizen requests for documents. Non-government resources include commercial law firms and websites like LegalMatch, which has its own indexed and extensive online Law Library. LegalMatch offers a reliable matching service to those in urgent need of specialist attorneys.

(may not be the same place you live)

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