As an artist, inventor, scientist, or creator, you should insure that others do not wrongfully profit from your original ideas.

Our legal system provides certain privileges and protections for owners and inventors of property through intellectual property laws. The purpose of intellectual property laws is to encourage new ideas, technologies, artistic creativity, and inventions for economic growth with the confidence that their creative work and idea will be protected.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law embraces copyright laws, patent laws and trademark laws. Working with an intellectual property attorney can help you protect your work and provide you peace of mind that your work will not be copied or used by another without providing you with compensation.

Each state may also have its own specific intellectual property laws and codes. For instance, Montana intellectual property law is specifically addressed in the Montana Code Annotated.


If you are a visual artist, musician, or writer, copyright laws protect your creative works. Copyright law prevents others from using or stealing your work for profit of their own.


If you have a great idea or invention that is unique and new, it is important to protect your idea or invention with a patent issued by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. Learn the basics on what can be patented, patent applications, patent process, and how to do a patent search.

Trade Secrets

If you own a business and your business has confidential information that you do not want to be shared or leaked out to the public or other competitors, there are many nondisclosure agreements and non-compete agreements that can protect your business’ secrets.


If you have a business brand, name or logo and want to use it as your company’s trademark, it is important to protect your business’ brand from copycats. Registering your company or business’ name or logo makes it easier to prevent copycats from stealing your image and violate the laws of unfair competition.

Seeking Legal Help

You should contact an intellectual property lawyer if you need to project your intellectual property rights or if you have facing an infringement issue. A lawyer will help you navigate intellectual property laws and will represent your best interests with any legal disputes.