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Learn More About Alameda County, CA

Alameda County is a city in California that is also referred to as “The Island City.” Alameda County has undergone quite a few changes in its history. First a part of Contra Costa County, Alameda County’s original county seat was San Leandro. The courthouse there was destroyed by an earthquake, and the county seat was moved to Brooklyn, a town eventually consumed by much larger Oakland. Over the years Alameda County has evolved from orchard groves, to suburbs of San Francisco, to the bustling urban metropolis that it is today.

Landlord and Tenant Lawyers in Alameda County, California

Alameda County deals with a lot of landlord and tenant issues because of the major amount of real estate within the county and surrounding counties. The relationship between a landlord and tenant is Alameda County can occasionally cause disputes and landlord and tenants are not always clear on their respective rights and obligations.

If you are facing a dispute as a landlord or tenant, it is highly recommended to contact a landlord and tenant lawyer in Alameda County to assist you with your case and give you a full understanding of the basic rights as a tenant or as a landlord.

Information on the Legal System in Alameda County, California

Attorneys in Alameda County should be familiar with the Alameda County Superior Court. The vast majority of cases in Alameda County begin here. California Courts are consolidated into one Superior Court for every county, which hears both criminal and civil cases. Another common court in Alameda County is the Traffic Court of Alameda County. If you have a case in Alameda County, you should hire an attorney experienced with your local court system.

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