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Learn More About Siskiyou County, CA

Siskiyou County covers the northernmost portion of California. It belongs to the Shasta Cascade region, as does the Oregon border. The county seat is Yreka, and as of the 2010 census, Siskiyou County is home to 44,900 residents. 

The highest point is Mount Shasta and there are plentiful outdoor recreation opportunities. It is the fifth largest California county, by size, and was pieced together from parts of the Shasta and Klamath counties. Parts of Siskiyou County territory were given to Modoc County in 1855.

As previously mentioned, Siskiyou County offers several outdoor attractions and cities, such as:

  • Mount Shasta;
  • Yreka, CA;
  • Weed, CA;
  • Dunsmuir, CA;
  • McCloud, CA;
  • Tulelake, CA;
  • Butte Valley;
  • Scott Valley;
  • Shasta Valley; and
  • The Klamath River Corridor.

Siskiyou County as a whole is well known for its Gold Rush history. Another interesting fact is that the county is home to a commune known as Black Bear Ranch. It was started in 1968 and maintains the slogan, “Free Land for free people.” There have been several attempts throughout the years to create an entirely new state from several northern California counties, as well as the adjoining counties in Oregon, as well as for Siskiyou County to secede from California entirely.

Information Regarding the Legal System in Siskiyou, CA

Most counties in California are serviced by a Superior Court system; Siskiyou County is no exception. Superior Courts hear both civil and criminal cases, and are considered to have general jurisdiction. The Siskiyou County Superior Court is divided into the following divisions:

Under California law, the amount in controversy involved in the case may also help determine which court will hear which case. The following is a list of courts as organized by the amount in controversy:

  • Small Claims Courts: Small claim courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. This means that small claims courts can only hear cases where the amount in dispute is less than $10,000;
  • California Superior Courts: Superior Courts also have limited jurisdiction, and are allowed to hear cases where the amount in controversy is less than $25,000. However, superior courts have exclusive jurisdiction in most cases where the amount in controversy exceeds $25,000; and
  • Specific Courts: Courts such as a bankruptcy court, or probate court, have exclusive subject matter jurisdiction. This means certain legal issues fall specifically in those courts.

Connecting With an Attorney in Siskiyou County, CA

If you are involved in a legal dispute in Siskiyou County, you should consult with a skilled and knowledgeable local attorney. They will be aware of the local court system and how to best represent your interests. can simplify the process of searching for a suitable attorney in Siskiyou County, CA by recommending pre-screened and bar certified attorneys. LegalMatch also maintains an extensive library of information to help you better educate yourself on any legal issues you may be facing.

(may not be the same place you live)

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