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Learn More About Torrance, CA

Once one of the biggest oil producers in California, Torrance has today reinvented itself into a major commercial and residential center of southern Los Angeles County. Torrance still retains a large industrial presence, and is still a crucial part of California industry.
Torrance lawyers can help you with personal injury, employment law, real estate litigation and transactions, wills and trusts, immigration, and a variety of other legal issues. Attorneys in Torrance recently finished a civil rights lawsuit against the city. A local woman claimed her civil rights were violated when she was pulled over by Torrance police. She alleged that her race was the primary motivator in her detention, and that she suffered emotional distress because of it. The suit was thrown out of federal court.
Although this lawsuit began in the United States Court, Central District of California, the vast majority of cases in Torrance begin in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Because it is the largest Superior Court system in California, and close to being the largest in the entire country, you will want an experienced Torrance attorney who knows the local lay of the land. is the best resource for you to find a local qualified Torrance lawyer. can match you with experienced Torrance attorneys who know how to handle your case. All of’s member lawyers are pre-screened and bar certified attorneys. Our service will provide you with valuable background information on every attorney you are interested in. This information will allow you to make the informed decision in hiring your advocate.
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