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Learn More About Maywood, CA

Maywood may have 29,000 residents but it is still the 3rd smallest city in Los Angeles County. Vernon and Commerce factories employ about 1/3rd of Maywood residents. Maywood is 97% Latino and acts as the battleground of many immigration debates since its sanctuary city status was approved. A surprisingly disproportionate number of young citizens have influenced the direction of Maywood with free city WIFI and a number of local recreation areas like parks and the community activity sport building.

Maywood plays host to some outstanding local lawyers too. Lawyers in Maywood are well acquainted with practicing in local courts and regularly take bankruptcy, wrongful termination, immigration visa, DUI, and divorce cases among many others.

Recently, the City of Maywood Safe Drinking Water Act was passed. The act will allocate city funds to improve water delivery and cleanliness. Maywood residents voted for the act to force water service providers to work with more transparency and concern for reducing the contaminant levels in Maywood water.

If you have a lawsuit to file in Maywood then you will be heading to the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Superior Courts in California have jurisdiction over a wide variety of cases like domestic relations, civil, criminal, real property, probate, and most other cases. U.S. Immigration Courts are responsible for hearing cases like visa, citizenship, and other immigration issues.

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