How LegalMatch Works

We've helped more than 6 million people find the right attorney. LegalMatch's free online legal matching works in a 4-step process, which is easy to complete, quick, highly effective and protects your privacy. Confidentially find the right lawyer for you.

Step 1: Present Your Case
How LegalMatch Works - Step 1
  • Tell us about the specifics of your legal issue: What type of legal problem is it? Where would you like help? LegalMatch's nationwide service has lawyers ready to review your case, even if you live in one location and need legal help in another. Our case questions guide you through the process, just as a lawyer would during an initial consultation.
Step 2: We Immediately Match You with the Right Lawyers
How LegalMatch Works - Step 2
  • Immediately after you present your case, instant email notifications are sent to pre-screened lawyers in the practice area and geographic location you selected. Within 24 hours experienced local lawyers review your case information and evaluate if you have a solid case they can help you with. They are not shown your identity until you choose to release it. However, you may elect to have your contact information displayed to an interested lawyer after they respond to your case so that they can call you immediately.
Step 3: Lawyers Interested in Your Case Respond
How LegalMatch Works - Step 3
  • Lawyers who are interested in your case respond with an offer to represent you. It will include a personal message and full attorney profile detailing their relevant experience, fee structure, background and ratings from other LegalMatch clients.
Step 4: You Choose the Right Lawyer for You
How LegalMatch Works - Step 4
  • Review each lawyer's response message to you. Compare each lawyer's attorney profile to review his or her specific legal experience, practice areas, ratings, fees, and educational and professional affiliations. Every LegalMatch lawyer is pre-screened to guarantee they are licensed and in good standing with their state bar association.
  • Contact the lawyer or lawyers you feel will be right for your case. Schedule your initial consultation to get started resolving your legal issue.

Learn more about why LegalMatch works and if you’re a lawyer looking for more business, we can grow your practice and allow you to spend more time focusing on clients.