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Learn More About Folsom, CA

The city of Folsom is well known for two of its attractions. The first is Folsom Lake, the most popular multi-use unit in the California Park System. Visitors to Folsom Lake can enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails, boating, waterskiing, fishing, picnicking, camping, and horseback riding. Folsom is also home to the Folsom State Prison, which was one of the nation’s first maximum security facilities. Folsom State Prison was the first prison in the United States to have electricity, but is probably most well know in popular culture for the two performances played there by musician Johnny Cash.

If you are facing a lawsuit or criminal prosecution in Folsom, there are many talented Folsom lawyers available to represent you. These lawyers are very skilled in areas of law such as criminal defense, DUI defense, corporate law, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and many others.

In late 2008, a disabled Folsom man sued his daughter’s high school, claiming violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Under the Act, disabled people are supposed to have just as much access as those who are not disabled. The Folsom father alleged the high school provided inadequate wheelchair ramp signage and that the ramps were too steep. However, critics argue the Folsom man already filed 50 similar lawsuits under the ADA against various companies, just to collect legal damages.

Folsom is served by two trial level courts, one hearing civil and misdemeanor cases, and the other hearing criminal cases, which are both in nearby Sacramento. As well, the California Court of Appeal, 3rd Appellate District is in Sacramento. If you have a case in Folsom, you will most likely have to report to court in Sacramento. A Folsom lawyer is ideally located to provide you with the local knowledge that you need to win your case.

If you need help finding the right Folsom lawyer for your suit, you should check out LegalMatch. Here at LegalMatch, we are dedicated to matching you with the right attorney for your case. As always, there is never any pressure to hire lawyers that are matched up with you; and if you do retain one, how you proceed from there is up to you.

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