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Learn More About Fountain Valley, CA

Located in the very desirable Orange County, the city of Fountain Valley is converting from a small bedroom community into a thriving business hub. Some major companies have their headquarters in Fountain Valley, including the Hyundai Motor Company, D-Link, and Kingston Technologies. Even with all of these businesses calling Fountain Valley home, the city still boasts one of the most beautiful parks in Southern California – Mile Square Regional Park. This park includes three golf courses which have the reputation of keeping some of the best putting greens in California.

Because of the thriving business economy in Fountain Valley, the city has attracted many knowledgeable and successful attorneys. If you have a legal problem in Fountain Valley, a Fountain Valley lawyer is the perfect person to represent you. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as intellectual property, personal injury, wrongful death, contract disputes, negotiation, and many other areas.

Recently, the Hyundai Motor Company in Fountain Valley has been sued for the wrongful death of a motorcyclist. In 2005, after a party sponsored by the Fountain Valley company, one of Hyundai’s executives got into his company car while intoxicated and attempted to drive home, but ended up causing an accident in which a motorcyclist was killed. After the accident, the drunken executive went to the Fountain Valley office where other executives brought in a defense lawyer who consulted with the driver. After this meeting, and with the help of the company, the defendant fled the country to his native South Korea.

In January of 2009, the defendant, who was facing multiple criminal charges in Orange County, was finally extradited from South Korea and is now being held in lieu of $5 million bail. The Motor Company is also facing civil charges arising from its actions in assisting the defendant flee the country.

The lawyers in Fountain Valley are very experienced in the Orange County Court system and regularly receive case referrals from Anaheim lawyers. Three out of the seven Superior Court locations for Orange County surround Fountain Valley: Santa Ana, Westminster, and Newport Beach. Because of their location, the attorneys in Fountain Valley are well versed in these courts as well as the other courts in Orange County.

LegalMatch is here to make the process of finding a local Fountain Valley attorney easier for you. By inputting some information about your case into our secure and confidential system, within 48 hours you will be matched with qualified attorneys who want to help you. As always when you use our service, only lawyers who are in good standing with the State Bar will contact you, and there is no pressure to hire any attorney who is matched to you.

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