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Learn More About Aliso Viejo, CA

Aliso Viejo is located in beautiful Orange County and is a vibrant city that supports both residential and economic communities. With lush neighborhoods, many families flock to Aliso Viejo to escape from the over development of the surrounding cities. Also, many international companies have their headquarters in Aliso Viejo, such as AND1,, and Ketel One.

There are also many talented and experienced Aliso Viejo lawyers in the city if you need legal assistance. These attorneys have mediation and trial experience in many areas of law such as DUI, intellectual property, personal injury, product liability, estate planning, criminal defense, immigration, and more.

An Aliso Viejo company was sued for patent infringement by a competitor in the medical devices industry. SenoRX, the Aliso Viejo company, has been sued by a company that contends that SenoRX infringed upon its patents relating to a breast cancer treatment whereby radioactive seeds are placed within the cancerous tissue. The Aliso Viejo company has stated that it reviewed the patents and does not think that its products infringe, and that the company will vigorously defend itself in all actions against it. The company that brought the infringement suit is seeking damages as well as a court order that would stop SenoRX from making, using or selling any more allegedly infringing devices.

Aliso Viejo is served by the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, which has the power to hear all types of cases. Because of the relatively small size of this court compared to the neighboring courts in Los Angeles County, the local Aliso Viejo attorneys who practice in Orange County have great insights into the workings of this court.

It you need help finding the right Aliso Viejo attorney for your case, LegalMatch is only a click away. Unlike online referral services, LegalMatch takes an interest in helping you find the attorney that is the best fit for you. To this end, we offer clients a range of resources, such as attorney profiles and past client reviews, which help you make informed decisions.

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