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Learn More About Cerritos, CA

Formerly known as Dairy Valley, Cerritos is one of the Gateway Cities in Los Angeles County. This city has a great climate throughout the year and the residents of Cerritos get to go out to the many parks in the city and enjoy the great sun. According to a state government agency, the residents of Cerritos are the second highest retail spenders in the entire state of California.

If you are facing a legal matter in Cerritos, you should definitely talk to one of the Cerritos lawyers in the area. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law such as personal injury, criminal defense, DUI, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, divorce, child custody, and more.

The Cerritos based Razor Scooter company recently had a class action lawsuit decided against it, with the judge presiding over the case ruling that four of the company’s electric scooter models were defective. The lawsuit was filed because the four models in question would accelerate even while the electric switch was off, meaning that the scooter could propel itself forward without warning. The class action suit claimed that the Cerritos company knew of the defects but did nothing to remedy the problem.

When you are ready to file your lawsuit that arose in Cerritos, you will probably have to submit your court papers in the Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles. This is the largest and busiest court system in the entire state, and it is important that you have a lawyer who is comfortable in this system. can help you find a great Cerritos lawyer to represent you in your case. We offer you a free online service that matches your case to attorneys in your area and are taking new clients. We pre screen all of the attorneys that we work with so you know that any lawyer that contacts you is in good standing with the state bar.

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