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Learn More About Paradise, CA

Paradise is a Butte County town that rests just 8 miles outside of Chico. Paradise rests in the Sierra Foothills of California’s Central Valley and hosted some of the scenes from the classic movie Gone With the Wind. Paradise is home to celebrities like blues musician Lazy Lester, Tom Selleck, and Gary Burghoff who played Radar O’Reilly on M*A*S*H.
Paradise is also home to some outstanding local lawyers who are well acquainted with local courts and procedures. Lawyers in Paradise take a diverse selection of cases including: drunk driving (DUI), chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce cases and the drafting of wills and trusts.
Recently, Paradise resident Virginia White filed a personal injury lawsuit against the nearby Windsor Chico Care Center for negligence that allegedly led to her slip and fall injury. White had injured her hip, shoulder, and fractured her face in the fall while her husband, Donald, was away in San Francisco for medical tests. White was held in urgent care for 4 days and has been transferred to a new nursing home for long term care.
Paradise residents who want to file a personal injury lawsuit will likely be visiting the Butte County Superior Court in Chico, California. California Superior Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over most kinds of cases like family, criminal, juvenile, civil, probate, and traffic cases. The U.S. Immigration Court in San Francisco which is responsible for handling visa, citizenship, and deportation hearings.
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