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Learn More About Inglewood, CA

Inglewood is a southeastern Los Angeles County city that has been featured in such movies as Training Day, Boys n the Hood, and oddly enough Wayne’s World. One attraction that’s been drawing people to Inglewood is Randy’s Doughnuts which is right off the I-405 and has a huge doughnut atop the building.

A handful of residents from Inglewood are bar certified lawyers who are familiar with practicing throughout Los Angeles County. Lawyers in Inglewood are familiar with many different kinds of cases including: bankruptcy, child custody, automobile injury, immigration visa, and criminal cases like DUI and assault charges.

Recently, Inglewood resident Ernest B. Moore was convicted of one count of student aid fraud, one count of bank fraud, and one count of Social Security fraud in federal court. Moore was found to be defrauding the various agencies while working at Williams College in Massachusetts. He faces up to 41 months in prison since the total amount was in excess of $800,000.

If you have a case to file in Inglewood then you will be visiting the Los Angeles County Superior Court. California Superior Courts are responsible for hearing many different cases that may arise in Inglewood and throughout Los Angeles. Superior courts are the highest level trial court with which to file in California and regularly handle cases like civil, criminal, real property, contract, tort, and small claims cases among others. U.S. Immigration Courts are responsible for handling issues pertaining to immigration visas and citizenship.

LegalMatch is offers the most comprehensive method of finding a knowledgeable Inglewood lawyer. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter offers great legal research tools like legal tips on how to select a lawyer and a free online law library. What ever stage you’re at in the legal process, LegalMatch can help.

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