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Learn More About Camarillo, CA

The city of Camarillo, much like the rest of Ventura County, has remained resistant to the urban sprawl that has become the norm in much of the rest of California. Primarily agricultural land, the city has remained true to its zoning laws and has resisted city sprawl well, allowing only a few strip malls and apartment complexes to be built. Today, Camarillo is a bedroom community for those who prefer a quieter life at home.

If you are in need of legal assistance in Camarillo, there are many talented Camarillo lawyers who are ready to help you. These legal professionals are skilled in many areas of law including personal injury, assault, automobile accidents, negligence, criminal defense, divorce, tax, child custody, alimony, wills and estates, immigration, and more.

A Camarillo attorney is representing the family of a disabled student in their lawsuit against the school district where the student is enrolled in special education classes. The lawsuit alleges that the school district was negligent in hiring a woman who had a criminal record. The Camarillo attorney maintains that the woman stole money from the special needs student. A state judge has already sentenced the woman, who pled guilty to the criminal charges, to 180 days in prison and three years probation. The lawsuit is seeking general negligence damages from the school district for inflicting severe emotional distress and suffering on the special needs student.

If you have to report to court due to a legal proceeding that started in Camarillo, you will likely have to report to the Superior Court of California, County of Ventura. This court, like any other court in the state, has its own way of running day to day matters. Having a local Camarillo attorney who knows how this court reacts to different kinds of legal actions can really help your case.

If you would like to find a Camarillo lawyer to represent you, but are not sure where to start, you should check out LegalMatch. Here at LegalMatch, we take out many of the complications and difficulties that often come with searching for legal representation. By simply filling out an intake form and telling us a little about your case, we are able to match you up with pre-screened bar certified attorneys in your area. There’s no reason to wait any longer, visit LegalMatch today!

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