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Learn More About Union City, CA

Union City is an Alameda County city that is home to California’s first county courthouse, which is celebrated as a California Historical Landmark. Union City’s Old Alvarado district includes the Union City Historical Museum, and a skydiving wind tunnel simulator that is open for the general public. Union City, Fremont, and Newark make up the region known as the “Tri-City Area” in the East Bay Area. Other important cities nearby include Oakland and Hayward.

Union City is also where you’ll find lawyers who are knowledgeable of local court procedures. Lawyers in Union City take cases in immigration, divorce, chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy, personal injury, and criminal cases; however, Union City lawyers aren’t limited to these case types and are indispensable when making difficult legal decisions.

In the News: The Cintas Corporation recently tried to appeal a $1.65 million judgment against them. An Alameda County Appellate Court unanimously upheld the California ordinance violation and civil case decisions in favor of the 219 workers of the Cintas’ San Leandro and Union City Laundries. The civil award included back wages and prejudgment interest which totaled $1,180,243. Now Cintas has also been ordered to pay an additional $250,000 in post-judgment interest along with $258,900 in civil penalties.

If you are filing a lawsuit in Union City, you’ll probably be visiting the Alameda County Superior Court and file with the Civil Division. Matters like divorce, child custody, child support and other domestic issues are heard by the Family Division. Criminal charges will result in a summons from the appropriate Criminal Division. California courts can be confusing so it’s a good idea to have a Union City lawyer on your side.

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