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Learn More About San Bernardino, CA

San Bernardino lies about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, and is part of the “Inland Empire,” a metropolitan area comprised of Riverside and Ontario, as well.  San Bernardino is the 18th largest city in California, and has a population of about 205,000.  San Bernardino is home to such natural wonders as the San Bernardino National Forest and the San Bernardino Mountains.

Compared with other cities in southern California, San Bernardino is rich with water resources.  The Santa Ana River lies on San Bernardino’s southern border, and large parts of San Bernardino sit above underground aquifers, including the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin.  Much of San Bernardino’s economic development also centers on its water resources; for example, many businesses are located on Hospitality Lane, a district bordering the Santa Ana River.

Recently, an appeal filed by San Bernardino and San Diego Counties which challenged California’s medical marijuana laws was denied by the state supreme court.  San Bernardino County asserted that the California law conflicted with federal law, which categorizes marijuana as criminal.  The court found that California’s law, which requires counties to provide medical marijuana identification cards, is constitutional.  Members of the Drug Law Reform Project, a division of the American Civil Liberties Union, applauded the court’s decision; others, including San Bernardino sheriff deputies, found the decision troubling as they are both required to follow federal and California law.

San Bernardino lawyers practice in many specialties, including family law, bankruptcy law, and estate planning.  If you need a lawyer, but aren’t sure how to find one who meets your needs, let LegalMatch help.  Just complete a brief questionnaire, and LegalMatch will search its comprehensive database for a pre-screened San Bernardino lawyer who specializes in the type of law appropriate for your case.

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