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Learn More About Irvine, CA

Founded as a planned community surrounding the University of California Irvine campus, the city of Irvine has grown into one of the most desirable communities to live in the United States. Irvine is also host to prestigious Pepperdine University and University of Southern California’s Orange County campuses. The city’s beautiful weather, low crime rate and high quality of life continue to draw new visitors and residents alike.

There are also a large amount of excellent and experienced Irvine lawyers throughout the community. Lawyers in Irvine can help you with personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, criminal defense, and a wide variety of other legal issues.

Locate an Irvine Immigration Lawyer

Boasting an ethnically diverse population, Irvine has become a popular location for immigration reform rallies.  Many of the participants in these rallies are not only Irvine residents, but also immigrants or the children of immigrants.  Until the reform that these rally attendants are advocation happens, the best way to navigate the complex immigration curt system in Irvine is with assistance from an Irvine immigration lawyer.

Irvine attorneys are on both sides of a recent high profile lawsuit against a local Irvine high school teacher. The teacher allegedly stated that people “can’t see the truth when they put on their Jesus glasses,” and was later sued over the comment.

Irvine lawyers are familiar with the Orange County Court system. The Orange County Superior Court has 7 court locations. Irvine sits between three of these courts: Newport Beach, Laguna Hills, and Santa Ana. Depending on your type of case, you may be required to report to any of these courts, or possible another court within Orange County. If you have a case in Orange County, you will want a local Irvine attorney who is familiar with these courts.

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That is where LegalMatch comes in. Our free service can match you with a local experienced Irvine attorney who is familiar with your legal issue. Our website can also provide you with helpful information on popular legal topics and tips on finding the right lawyer for your case. Don’t fly blind on this important decision, let LegalMatch help you select the right advocate.

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