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Learn More About Ventura County, CA

Located on the Pacific Coast, Ventura County, CA is located 63 miles northwest of Los Angeles and 30 miles south of Santa Barbara. Founded in 1873, Ventura County is now the sixth most affluent county in terms of per capita income in the state, and one of the top 100 wealthiest in the nation. Due to its Mediterranean climate, foothills, and scenic vistas the county has been nicknamed "Hawaii on the Mainland." Attractions in Ventura County include the Los Padres National Forest, the 1782 Mission San Buenaventura, and the Ventura Pier and beaches.

There are a large number of highly experienced Ventura County lawyers in the community. Ventura County lawyers can assist you with legal matters ranging from business, real estate, criminal law, medical malpractice, personal injury, or any other issue you may face.

Lawyers in Ventura County recently defended a local business against a trademark infringement claim. The lawsuit, filed by the holder of the registered trademark, Econo Lube ‘N Tune, claims that defendant Robert Gerz entered into a sublease and franchise agreement to run an Econo Lube in Ventura. The agreement stipulated that should the franchise terminate (due to poor standing or end of the sublease) the right to use the trademark ceased immediately. The defendant defaulted on his obligations under the agreement, failing to make the required payments and operating the franchise without authorization. The lawsuit is ongoing.

The California court system is structured as 58 superior (trial) courts, Courts of Appeal, and a Supreme Court. Ventura County lawyers may file your case in the Superior Court of Ventura County, the 2nd District Court of Appeal, or the Supreme Court of California. If you have a case in Ventura County, a local attorney can advise you of the special rules and procedures for each court.

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