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Learn More About Solano County, CA

Solano County is in the Bay-Delta region of California and is home to 410,000 residents. Fairfield is the seat of Solano County but the largest city is Vallejo which boasts an amusement park and is roughly ½ the distance between Sacramento and San Francisco. Other important cities in the area include Benicia and Vacaville.
Since Solano County is centrally located, it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that a number of reputable lawyers call it home. Lawyers in Solano County take many different case-types, some commonplace examples include green card immigration, bankruptcy, DUI, personal injury, and divorce cases.

In the News: A Solano County Superior Court recently convicted Victor Lamar Davis on 40 of 53 counts. Davis was accused of sexually assaulting over 11 different women in 3 years and was convicted with enhancements on rape, sexual assault and battery,  assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated kidnapping, use of a gun, and other counts. Davis’ sentence was 400 years to life in prison.

If you want to file for divorce in Solano County, you’re most likely to be visiting the Solano County Superior Court. Superior Courts in California are responsible for hearing nearly every kind of case but it’s best to check with a local Solano County lawyer first to ensure your case is handled correctly and according to procedure.

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(may not be the same place you live)

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