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Learn More About Madera County, CA

Madera County is located in the heartland of California and counts part of Yosemite National Park as one of its assets. Madera County, in addition to being a popular stopping point for visitors to Yosemite, is also rich in agriculture and has many crops that are grown each year.
There are many experienced Madera County lawyers. These attorneys can assist you in a variety of areas of law including personal injury, tax, criminal defense, real property, contracts, business, divorce, automobile accidents, DUI, and more.
A Madera County man recently settled a lawsuit with the United States for starting a wildfire that burned more than 4,100 acres of the Sierra National Forest. The Madera County man had been sharpening a wood-splitter in his driveway with an electric grinder when the sparks from the contact set fire to brush on his land. The fire spread quickly and took multiple millions of dollars to put out. According to the United States Attorney’s Office, this case is a step towards a new direction that the government is taking in holding individuals accountable for forest fires that they cause. The man’s home was covered by two $500,000 insurance policies, both of which were paid in full to help offset the costs of fighting the fire.
If you have a case in Madera County, you will likely have to report to the California Superior Court of Madera County. This court is a court of general jurisdiction and has the power to hear and decide almost all cases. The local attorneys regularly practice in this court and can use their knowledge to your advantage.
If you have been having a hard time finding a Madera County lawyer to represent you in your case, you should visit We provide you with a free service that can efficiently match you to attorneys in your area that have experience in working on cases like yours. Best of all, we let you read past client reviews and attorney profiles before you ever have to make a commitment.
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