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Learn More About San Jose, CA

San Jose is the largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, with almost a million inhabitants.  San Jose began in the 18th century as the first town of Spanish California, and retained its political prestige as the first capital of the State of California in 1850.  It remained the chief agricultural city of California, retaining its old world charm, until the expansion of Silicon Valley from Palo Alto and Sunnyvale in the 1950s.

These days, major technology firms call San Jose home, including Adobe, Cisco, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Lockheed Martin.  As the U.S. center of intellectual property law, San Jose is not lacking in lawyers.  In fact, over 4,000 lawyers currently practice in San Jose.

With its great many lawyers, how would a client unfamiliar with the legal field find a local San Jose lawyer? bridges the client with the legal network by connecting you to the right lawyer for your case, completely free of charge.  Just detail the facts of your case, and you will be matched with pre-screened San Jose attorneys eager to fight for your cause.

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Since San Jose is such a large city, San Jose lawyers handle myriad cases: from civil law, to criminal law, to personal injury law, to matters of divorce law, bankruptcy law, and so forth.  San Jose is currently appealing a lawsuit against Major League Baseball.  When Major League Baseball and the San Francisco Giants blocked the A’s professional baseball team from moving from Oakland to San Jose, the city responded by bringing an antitrust action against the professional baseball organization.  However, the trial court followed an old Supreme Court of the United States opinion from 1922, and reaffirmed in 1953 and 1972, that held that major league baseball as a business does not participate in interstate commerce and, thus, is exempt from federal antitrust laws.  Although other parts of the case are still being decided at the trial court level, the trial court has given San Jose permission to appeal this particular ruling.

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San Jose lawyers should memorize the rules and procedures of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County.  This court features divisions such as: criminal, family law, juvenile, probate, small claims, and traffic.

You might not be at the stage to meet with a San Jose lawyer at this time.  If you are simply getting ready for your lawsuit, you might try LegalMatch’s Law Library, replete with 3000+ articles.

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