How it Works for Attorneys

LegalMatch makes it easy to find new clients. Almost a million people a month visit LegalMatch affiliated websites looking for help with their legal issues. At LegalMatch, we provide attorneys with a steady stream of potential new client leads. Here is how our system works for LegalMatch lawyers:

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Over the last 8 months I got anywhere from five to seven referrals a week and about eleven or twelve hires based on these referrals, which has done a tremendous amount for my business.

Jennie H.

The LegalMatch system is fast, effective, and economical for both the lawyer and potential client. I would give the service the maximum number of thumbs up! LegalMatch has provided me with a fairly regular stream of revenue and has kept me busy on the civil side of my practice.

Thomas G.

I've gotten way more leads from LegalMatch in comparison to other lead generating systems. I spend a lot of time on Avvo answering legal questions and out of months of doing that, I only found one new client. Within hours of doing follow-up with LegalMatch, not even answering questions but just doing follow-up, I could have multiple clients.

Angel L.

To learn more about our service, please visit our other informational resources to better understand why LegalMatch works and how it works for potential clients looking for a lawyer.