How it Works for Attorneys

The LegalMatch online legal matching system works by maintaining a dynamic balance between our Member Attorneys' expertise and availability, and the number of consumer cases presented on our site. In other words, we target our marketing strategy to the types of cases you want.

Our ongoing commitment to comprehensive online advertising and client acquisition marketing continues to expand consumer awareness about LegalMatch. Consumers and businesses nationwide are realizing the advantages of using LegalMatch's free services to find the right lawyer quickly, easily and confidentially. Our leading-edge technology enables our attorneys to confidentially move forward with every step in building their practices.

Our Member Attorneys have found out that the best way to develop and focus their practice is to tap into a client acquisition channel that is continually being replenished. LegalMatch has the cases today, and will have them tomorrow.

Our strategic presence on the Internet — from social media, blogs, forums, and traditional search to widespread content aggregation, affiliate partner relationships, and targeted content networks — is underscored by strong brand recognition in the public market place and cemented by our growing reputation in the legal community. As the innovators of online legal matching we are continually developing our expertise in client acquisition.

The following steps outline the consumer acquisition and Member Attorney selection process:

1. Consumers Present their Case at LegalMatch

2. Member Attorneys Review Case Details

3. Attorneys Respond to Cases that are of Interest

4. An Attorney/Client Match Is Made (offsite)

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