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Learn More About Santa Paula, CA

Dubbed the “Citrus Capital of the World,” Santa Paula is a city within Ventura County, California. Its population is estimated at around 29,000 residents. Santa Paula’s economy is primarily agriculturally based, focusing on growing oranges and lemons but recently expanding to avocadoes.

In August 2001, the Santa Paula City Council settled a federal lawsuit alleging that the city’s at-large voting system violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and perpetuated racial discrimination by preventing Latino candidates from being elected to the council.

In the settlement, the city agreed to allow voters in this mostly Latino city to decide whether to continue with the at-large election system or follow the federal government’s recommendation to create a district system in which council members represent specific neighborhoods.

All legal matters arising out of Santa Paula are heard by the Ventura County Superior Court. There are three courts within Ventura County – Ventura Courthouse, East County Courthouse, and Juvenile Courthouse. Sometimes you will have options in which venue you would like your case pursued, and sometimes you will not. A lawyer is best able to advise you on which court to file your case.

Whatever legal redress you are seeking, having a lawyer in your corner greatly increases your chances of success. There are many attorneys in the Santa Paula area that can help you win your case, and LegalMatch can help you hire the right attorney for you. Our free service allows you to confidentially present your case to pre-screened attorneys and receive a response within 24 hours.

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