Why LegalMatch Called You

LegalMatch representatives always examine a number of variables before contacting prospective attorneys for potential LegalMatch membership. If you have recently been called by a LegalMatch representative, it is because:

  1. There are currently clients in your county or geographic area that need an attorney in your area of practice.
  2. LegalMatch does not, at present, have sufficient Member Attorneys to handle consumer demand in your county or area. In some instances, we may not have any Member Attorneys responding to presented cases in a given county or area.
  3. LegalMatch is interviewing attorneys in your geographic location and practice area at this time to respond to this demand.
  4. Based on initial information such as your reputation, qualifications, location, area of practice, or a friend or associate's referral, LegalMatch feels that you are a potential fit for the opening.
  5. If contacted recently, we may still be actively looking for the right attorneys in your area. Call back the number you were left to get more information immediately, or submit a membership request and a LegalMatch Membership Manager will call you as soon as possible.

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LegalMatch is the nation's leading online matching service. Through our industry-leading marketing partners, the LegalMatch Web site assists thousands of visitors seeking help with their legal issues every day.

LegalMatch is the optimal original attorney / client matching service and marketing resource to build a successful and sustainable law practice. Whether you are looking to increase revenue, save time or focus your law practice, a LegalMatch representative can show you how to concentrate more on the practice of law and less on the business of law.