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Learn More About San Luis Obispo, CA

The city of San Luis Obispo is located in San Luis Obispo county in California, approximately midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Pacific Ocean is 8 miles from San Luis Obispo. It is named after Bishop St. Louis.
Founded in 1772 by Father Junipero Serra, and officially incorporated in 1856, San Luis Obispo is one of California’s oldest cities. The city is referred to locally as “SLO” or “SLOTOWN”. It is home to California Polytechnic University (“Cal Poly”). SLO draws many students, residents, and visitors due to its wide range of outdoors sports and recreational activities. It features a charming downtown area with many eclectic boutique stores and a bustling nightlife. Showcasing its ongoing agricultural aspect, the city hosts many farmer’s markets and outdoor barbeques.
In April 2010, SLO real estate investor Patrick Aurignac sued San Luis Trust Bank for wrongful foreclosure, breach of contract, negligence, and other claims. Aurignac faced foreclosure on about $10 million in SLO properties, and cited falling real estate market values as the cause of his current financial difficulties. He wished to hold the Trust Bank liable for refusing to issue him a loan, which had a domino effect on his investments. He is in currently in debt with several other banks as well. Aurignac appeared to maintain a good attitude throughout the ordeal, even praising other banks for helping him with interest rates.
Real estate and investment issues are important and require the assistance of an experienced attorney that has been pre-certified by a company the guarantees they are bar certified. If you feel you have a legal claim, there are many lawyers in San Luis Obispo. Using can help you find the right one. After filling out an online application, LegalMatch will match you with an attorney for free.
Cases in San Luis Obispo are heard at the San Luis Obispo Superior Court. The superior court has jurisdiction over a wide range of civil and criminal cases. San Luis Obispo County also maintains a public law library.
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