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Learn More About Modesto, CA

Modesto is located in California’s Central Valley, and serves as the seat of Stanislaus County.  Modesto is located less than two hours from a number of major California cities, including San Jose, San Francisco, and the state capital, Sacramento.  Many of Modesto’s approximately 205,000 residents take advantage of the city’s strategic location, commuting daily to jobs in Silicon Valley or San Francisco.  Modesto’s citizens also enjoy close proximity to one of one of our nation’s premier treasures, Yosemite National Park.

Modesto was recently the site of the race finish 4th stage of  the 2010 Amgen Tour of California Bicycle race.. The winner of the stage was Francesco Chicchi  of team Liquigas-Doimo. Unfortunately, Modesto suffers from poor air quality, perhaps even more than Los Angeles.  Further, Modesto is one of the most crime-ridden metropolitan areas in California, and has been especially riddled with high rates of car theft.

Recently, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, a San Francisco-based advocacy group, sued the City of Modesto under the California Voting Rights Act, hoping to increase Modesto’s large Latino population’s representation on public boards.  Under the Act, public agencies must allow district-by-district elections, rather than at-large elections, if it is shown that the latter would harm minority candidates’ chances of winning.  Civil rights advocates have long contended that minority-supported candidates face an unfair disadvantage, as their white counterparts enjoy more campaign funding.

There are currently over 300 lawyers licensed to practice in the Superior Court of Stanislaus County and 314 Modesto lawyers are active in the Stanislaus County Bar Association.  Modesto lawyers practice in a wide variety of fields, including criminal law, immigration law, bankruptcy law, and family law.

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