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Learn More About Delano, CA

Located in beautiful Kern County, the city of Delano is well known for being a center for growing table grapes. They city prides itself on its diverse and close-knit community and holds festivals at various times throughout the year. Delano is currently one of the fastest growing cities in the state because of its great location and education programs.

If you are facing legal charges in Delano, there are many Delano lawyers ready to assist you. These attorneys are experienced in many areas of law including bankruptcy, tax, divorce, child custody, DUI, criminal defense, personal injury, automobile accidents, and more.

A Delano Church recently filed suit against Kern County and other county agencies for what it believes was an unconstitutional action. The church rented a space from the county in which it held various religious activities, and the county charged the Delano Church for the rental time by the hour. It its lawsuit, the Church alleges that many other non-religious organizations are not charged for using the space because of a memo that was published in 2000 that required religious activities to pay an hourly rate. The Delano Church is asking the court to declare the policy invalid and unconstitutional, and to grant injunctive relief to make sure that the policy does not continue.

If your have been served with legal papers in Delano, you will likely have to report to the Superior Court of California, County of Kern. It can take a lot of time to find all the necessary evidence for your lawsuit, but this process can be made easier by having a legal professional help you. A Delano attorney can really help your case out.

LegalMatch is the website that you should visit if you are looking for a Delano lawyer. We offer you a free online legal matching service that can put you in touch with attorneys who have experience with your legal matter. By using our easy online form, you can be matched up with a great attorney quickly.

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