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If you ask someone in Santa Rosa what makes Napa County special, they’ll tell you “their auto parts.” The county seat of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa residents know that some of the best wineries in the state, and possibly the country, are only a short drive away. Santa Rosa sits near many of these wineries and within one of the most beautiful counties in California. Although Santa Rosa has grown to become one of Northern California’s largest cities, it still strives to maintain its small town charm.
Santa Rosa lawyers can assist you in family law, criminal law, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, and any other legal issue you may be facing. Recently, concerned citizens prevented a large big box store from opening in Santa Rosa due to environmental concerns. Local residents filed a lawsuit claiming that the store and the city had not conducted adequate environmental reviews of increased traffic, noise, or even the actual size of the store. A local Judge agreed, and ordered the city and the store to come up with a satisfactory environmental plan.
This case and others are argued before judges in Sonoma County’s Superior Court. California’s court system puts all cases, criminal and civil, into one Superior Court system. Judges in California regularly hear a mixture of criminal and civil cases, and every county’s Superior Court has its own specific rules and procedures.
If you need an attorney in Santa Rosa, consider hiring a local Santa Rosa lawyer who will be familiar with Sonoma County rules, Sonoma County court staff, and other Santa Rosa lawyers. has done the homework on Santa Rosa attorneys, and our free service can match you with a local, experienced lawyer in Santa Rosa. Simply tell us about your case, and our service will find a pre-screened Santa Rosa lawyers familiar with your legal issue. All information you give us remains completely confidential and is never released to anyone without your permission.
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