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Learn More About Ridgecrest, CA

Ridgecrest is a Kern County city that was formerly known as Crumville and incorporated in 1963. Today, Ridgecrest is home to 30,000 Central Californians who live in the Indian Wells Valley. Ridgecrest is home to the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake as well as being surrounded by four mountain ranges: Sierra Nevada, El Paso, Argus, and Cosos Mountain Ranges.
Despite its distance from major hubs like Lancaster and San Bernardino, Ridgecrest is home to lawyers who are familiar with taking cases to local Kern County Superior Courts. Lawyers in Ridgecrest advise clients on a diverse selection of cases including chapter 13 bankruptcy, divorce, DUI, personal injury, and immigration cases like visa and citizenship cases.
Recently in Ridgecrest, Primex Farms won a $3.4 million lawsuit against Chaparral Farms who failed to deliver pistachios as part of a 3 year contact. The original contract stated that Primex Farms would agree to buy Chaparral’s pistachio crops over a 3 year duration, however, they failed to ship the 5.5 million pounds of nuts during the 2007-2008 seasons because they changed processors. The jury decided unanimously that Chaprral Farms had illegally breached the contract and has been ordered to pay the $3.4 million in compensation.
If you have a divorce or other kind of case you would like to file in Ridgecrest than you will be heading to the Kern County Superior Court. California Superior Courts are responsible for hearing many different kinds of cases including criminal, civil, probate, real estate, personal injury, juvenile, and traffic cases. Immigration issues like citizenship, deportation, and visa hearings are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration Courts.
The most dependable way to take care of your case is by consulting a bar certified Ridgecrest lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch also provides easily understood reference materials like an online law library with over 4,000 articles, forums on many legal topics, newsletters, and tips for selecting the best lawyer for your needs. Also, check out what the industry’s top professionals have to say about law and news with our Law Blog.
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