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Learn More About El Monte, CA

El Monte is a suburb in Los Angeles County which houses over 110,000 of California’s residents. El Monte was the subject of the song “Memories of El Monte” which was written by El Monte’s own Frank Zappa and originally recorded by The Penguins. El Monte is also known as “the end of the Santa Fe Trail” since it lay on the Old Spanish Trail used by missionaries and Spanish soldiers in the mid nineteenth century.

El Monte lawyers specialize in many fields. Lawyers are available in El Monte to take on cases involving intellectual property, bankruptcy, class actions, family law, estate planning and many other fields.

El Monte residents are currently standing trial for charges arising from a street race that resulted in the death of an innocent driver. Robert Canizalez and Martin Morones were witnessed racing down a street in El Monte when they went through a stop sign and crashed into Dora Groces’s car killing her and her two children. Two other men have already pleaded guilty to being accessories after the fact. Footage revealed the accessories assisting the drivers push away the evidence (car). The drivers Canizalez and Morones are facing felony murder and first degree reckless murder charges. Canizalez is facing an additional witness intimidation charge for threatening Uruena who testified in spite of threats by Canizalez.

Both the defense attorneys and prosecution must be familiar with the Pomona Superior Court in order to build effective cases. Familiarity with the court is often almost as important as familiarity with the law itself. If you are looking for an attorney to represent you, it is important that you find one that can tailor to your area’s needs.

LegalMatch knows what it takes to find a good attorney. With years of experience, LegalMatch has proven to have the most effective system of pairing attorneys with clients. LegalMatch will find you the right attorney for your case and they will do it for free. Take your case to LegalMatch and let them show you a superior matching system.

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