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Learn More About Glenn County , CA

Glenn County is located in the Sacramento Valley of California, in the northern part of California Central Valley. It is located halfway between Sacramento and Redding, and is largely an agricultural community. Glenn County mostly produces rice, almonds, milk products, prunes, and various livestock. To the west of the county are mountain ranges, while to the east lies the Sacramento River.

Glenn County was incorporated in 1891, and was developed out of northern Colusa County. The county was named for Dr. Hugh J. Glenn and maintains a population of 26,950 residents. The county’s seat is Willows, while the largest city is Orland.

In 2020, news coming out of Glenn County was largely composed of wildfire news reports. Wildfires impacted area farmers and ranchers, prompting the USDA to provide them with disaster assistance. The USDA disaster assistance programs were designed to assist agricultural producers in recovering from various natural disasters.

Also in 2020, the County of Glenn reported that a defendant was convicted of a felony violation involving the corporal injury of a cohabitant with the use of a knife, as well as the intent to strike. The defendant was sentenced to six years in state prison, and was prosecuted by DA Stewart. The DA was assisted by Glenn County’s Sheriff’s Office Deputy Goodwin.

If you are involved in any legal disputes in Glenn County, California, you should consult with a skilled and knowledgeable local attorney. Glenn County attorneys most commonly specialize in the following areas of law:

When considering a Glenn County attorney, they should be familiar with local laws and statutes, as well as the local court system. In California, courts are consolidated into one Superior Court for every county. This court hears both criminal and civil cases. An experienced local attorney will be familiar with the court system and judges in your area.

Finding the right attorney for you in Glenn County can be simplified by utilizing LegalMatch. LegalMatch screens every attorney before suggesting them to potential legal clients, and all attorneys are bar certified. In addition to providing quality attorney suggestions, LegalMatch maintains the LegalCenter which exists to better educate you in regards to your legal issues.

(may not be the same place you live)

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