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Learn More About San Leandro, CA

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the city of San Leandro lies just south of Oakland and is a great place to live. It has a mild climate and maintains an average temperature of 62 degrees which makes it a perfect place to live and enjoy the many parks and golf courses that San Leandro offers to its residents.
In addition, San Leandro is home to a number of great San Leandro lawyers who are excited about helping you with your legal situation. These legal professionals are experienced in areas of law such as tax, personal injury, divorce, DUI, criminal defense, bankruptcy, immigration, and many more.
A San Leandro family is suing the neighboring city of Oakland for the death of 35 year old Jerry Amaro in 2000. The San Leandro family’s lawsuit is claiming that the police who arrested Amaro for allegedly buying drugs from undercover police officers beat Amaro which resulted in 5 broken ribs and a lacerated lung, then took Amaro to jail without granting him medical attention.  In just over a month, Amaro died from pneumonia cause by the fractured ribs and collapsed lung. The San Leandro family is seeking $10 million from the city and is accusing one of the officers who beat Amaro of covering up the incident.
San Leandro attorneys are ideally located to take care of any legal issue that you may have in the Bay Area. The neighboring cities of Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco all house federal trial courts, and in addition, San Leandro is close to many state courts, including the California Supreme Court which is in San Francisco. Because of their proximity to such a broad range of courts and venues, San Leandro attorneys are a perfect choice for any legal matter that you have in the Bay Area.
If you need a San Leandro lawyer to assist you, can help you find the right professional for your case. LegalMatch not only provides you with a unique online legal matching service, but also grants you access to a great source of knowledge that includes past client reviews and attorney profiles.
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