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Learn More About Plumas County, CA

Plumas County, California is located near the upper northeast portion of the state where the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges converge. The county was named for one of its rivers, Rio de Plumas (i.e., the Feather River), which also happens to be the main source of water that supplies the California State Water Project. 

Most of the land in Plumas County is covered by U.S. National Forests, various bodies of water (e.g., reservoirs, lakes, streams, and rivers), and other designated areas like Butterfly Valley Botanical Area, Happy Valley, and Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Its varied terrain makes it an ideal location for both residents and visitors who enjoy outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, snowshoeing, hunting, boating, birding, golfing, and fishing. On rainy days, the county also offers its residents and visitors plenty of indoor options to choose from as well, including museums, galleries, antique stores, and general shopping centers.

Information on the Court System in Plumas County, California

Plumas Superior Court, also referred to as the Quincy Courthouse, is located on Main Street in downtown Quincy. The current structure, which was built in 1921, is the third of the three different buildings that have served as the county’s courthouse.

The current Quincy Courthouse oversees cases involving civil litigation, criminal cases, family law matters, and traffic citations. The court also has family law facilitators available for parents or other parties who have general questions or need help with forms pertaining to family law issues.

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If you have a legal dispute or are facing criminal charges in Plumas County, it may be in your best interest to hire a lawyer who is already familiar with the laws in the area. An experienced Plumas County lawyer can help you prepare and file your case, answer any specific questions you may have about the law and your legal matter, and can provide representation in court. 

If you need help finding a Plumas County lawyer, LegalMatch can connect you with a local lawyer who is willing and able to take your case. Simply sign-up for free on our website and fill-out the short application, which will ask you for a few details about your legal issue. Based on the information provided, LegalMatch’s services will then alert lawyers who practice in your jurisdiction and specialize in the field of law that is relevant to your issue. 

From there, a lawyer who receives an alert will have a chance to respond. If they agree to take your case, the lawyer will contact you directly to learn more about your matter and also to give you a chance to decide whether or not you want to hire them. 


(may not be the same place you live)

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